Let’s Reha! Kyodo

A rehabilitation gym where a specialized physical therapist instructs the exercise method and load suitable for each person and performs safe and effective rehabilitation. Measure muscle strength and flexibility using a machine and make a plan based on scientific evaluation. Those programs fix your physically minor difficulty to possibility such as playing golf or walking with your furry friends. Our staff member and patients are working hard together towards their goals.

Let’s Reha! Kyodo
東京都世田谷区宮坂 Japan
Let’s Reha! Kyodo
Let’s Reha! Kyodo


Shop Name Let’s Reha! Kyodo
Location Domus Sepia 1F, 2-17-17 Miyasaka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan Open Google Map
Phone 03-6413-0883
Opening Hour 8:00 - 17:00
Closing day Saturdays and Sundays
URL https://www.sakurajyuji.or.jp/service/dayservice/